Grave Digger 11.22.2015

Grave Digger appeared at the Marquee Theater on November 22, 2015, opening for Blind Guardian as part of the Beyond the Red Mirror tour.  The band blistered through a tight 10 song set (setlist below photos) to open the evening.  Though opening in support of Blind Guardian, Grave Digger are legends in their own right having been performing for almost 35 years.  Being around that long, you’d think Grave Digger would feel a bit worn or tired by now –  but you’d be incorrect.  Frontman Chris Boltendahl brought a ton of energy and appeared genuinely excited and happy to be performing.  This was classic metal at its finest, right down to guitarist Axel Ritt’s blistering guitar and bare-chested performance.  It was great to see a classic act, maybe considered a little past its prime, tearing it up on stage like they were still in their 20s.

Review and photos by Fred Kuhlman

Photos © 2015 by Fred Kuhlman


The setlist included:

  • Headbanging Man
  • The Round Table (Forever)
  • Witch Hunter
  • Ballad of a Hangman
  • Season of the Witch
  • Excalibur
  • Tattooed Rider
  • Highland Farewell
  • Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)
  • Heavy Metal Breakdown


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