The Rides 06.04.16


The Rides

The Rides came to Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday June 4th.  The Rides was formed when Steven Stills was doing a benefit concert and he join forces with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Barry Goldberg.  The band plays blues rock music and has produced 2 albums:  Their first album, Can’t Get Enough was produced in the fall of 2013.  This tour is in support of their second album, Pierced Arrow which was just released this year.  Steven loves the blues and found “his brother from a different mother” when he found Kenny.  As Steven said, “Kenny and I are brothers, but just from different generations”.


The current touring band features Stephen Stills (Guitar and Vocals), Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Guitar and Vocals), and Barry Goldberg (Keyboards), with Kevin McCormick (Bass) and Chris Slayton (Drums).  Many of the people in the audience were hoping for Steven to play more of his songs from the CSN years, but Steven said that this was The Rides tour and they would be playing songs from their 2 albums.  All of the songs have a blues rock flavor.   Personally , my favorite was Roadhouse, where both Steven and Kenny did guitar leads.  It was interesting to see both Steven and Kenny sharing the lead guitar and lead vocals roles.  About half of the songs were sung by Kenny and Steven did the other half.  Both Steven and Kenny are fabulous guitarists.  For the encore, they did a blues style cover of the Wings’ song Bluebird for the promoter, Danny Zelisko.   Their last song was a cover of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World, which is also on their new album and the audience loved it.  If you enjoy the blues with a rock flavor, this is an amazing show to see.

Review and Photos by Fred Kuhlman

Photos © Fred Kuhlman 2016

Set List:                                              (Album)
Kick Out of It                                       (Pierced Arrow)
Riva Diva                                              (Pierced Arrow)
Roadhouse                                           (Can’t Get Enough)
Talk to Me Baby                                  (Can’t Get Enough)
By My Side                                            (Pierced Arrow)
Virtual World                                       (Pierced Arrow)
Search and Destroy                            (Can’t Get Enough)
Can’t Get Enough of Loving You    (Can’t Get Enough)
I’ve Got To Use My Imagination     (Pierced Arrow)
My Babe                                                (Willie Dixon cover)
Don’t Want Lies                                 (Can’t Get Enough)
Game On                                               (Pierced Arrow)
Blue on Black                                      (Trouble Is, Shepherd’s Album)
Love the One You’re With              (CSN cover)
I Need Your Lovin’                            (Pierced Arrow)
Bluebird                                               (Wing’s cover)
Rockin’ in the Free World              (Can’t Get Enough)

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